Chavalina’s Vegan Challenge–Day 2 (1/2/2012)

Breakfast: I wanted to add more protein and fiber to my diet today, since I was so hungry yesterday. I started off with black coffee, vegetable juice, and a tortilla with chunky all-natural peanut butter. As I alluded to yesterday, I discovered that all of the bread and English muffins in my pantry had honey on the ingredient list. This would require another shopping trip, because if I couldn’t find some vegan bread it would really screw up my meal plans for the week.

I took a trip to the Sunflower market, a couple of miles from my house. This amounts to pulling out the big guns, as Sunflower is well-stocked with natural and organic food items. Still, it took some time in the bakery aisle to find bread that contained only vegan ingredients. I guess I never realized honey was so ubiquitous in bread making, especially for organic breads. Eventually, though, I found Rudi’s Organic Bakery brand, which is clearly labeled as a vegan product. This loaf cost more than I’ve ever paid for bread in my life, but it seems like your options are very limited if you want to go vegan. I also bought a few other snack items, and I even checked out soy cheese, though I didn’t purchase any.

Lunch: A bowl of vegetable soup and an organic apple. Turns out that Campbell’s vegetarian vegetable soup is not vegan (eggs are an ingredient in the pasta noodles), but I’d purchased some other soup that met my dietary guidelines.

Snack Time: I made a little veggie platter of hummus, bell pepper strips, kalamata olives, and sundried tomatoes. I was hungry within a couple of hours of lunch today, and it took a while for the snack calories to kick in, but this helped me make it through to dinner.


More food porn.

Dinner: Black bean tacos, served with salsa, homemade guacamole, and tortilla chips. Pre-packaged taco mix is another item that unexpectedly contains non-vegan ingredients (whey protein), but it’s just as easy to make my own taco seasoning. Some chilies in adobo sauce and extra-hot New Mexico chili powder gave the tacos a kick, and for dessert I cooled it down with a tofu ice cream sandwich. Yum!

How I Felt: A lot less hungry today, and dinner worked well for me. A few hours after eating, I went for my workout. I’d intended a modest, ~2.25 mile run, but I ended up running much farther after a detour provoked by about half a mile of streetlights that were totally out. Running down dark streets in Tucson is not a good idea, so I had to take another route and ended up running 3.2 miles. It tired me out a little, but I wasn’t fatigued to the point that I had to walk.

I also noticed that I feel differently after meals than I do when I’m eating meat. It’s hard to describe exactly, but after a meal full of meat or dairy I often feel kind of full and bloated. Like, in a way that makes me not want to go running or do vigorous exercise for a while. I just want to sit and digest. I haven’t felt that way for the last couple of days. Though I did wait a few hours to go running tonight, I did so because I got caught up in a show on TV, not because I felt like I needed to. I feel less “weighed down” after eating. Is this because I’m consuming fewer calories, or is it because of what I’m eating? Either way, I hope things work out as well tomorrow. My gym will finally be open again after holiday break, and I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal workout routine!


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