Chavalina’s Vegan Challenge–Day 3 (1/3/2012)

Breakfast: I had some of my vegan bread, toasted, with peanut butter, veggie juice, and coffee. This will likely get repetitive for the rest of the week; I’m a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast and if I find something I like that will fill me up, I have no problem eating it over and over again. The vegan bread was tasty, though it is a bit denser than the supermarket bread I am used to. The consistency and the weight was a little weird at first, but it turns out it tastes just like average bread. So… yay?

Lunch: Once again, breakfast gave me sufficient energy to make it to lunch, even with my morning dog walk and playtime in the yard. For lunch, I decided to try one of my veggie burgers. I like veggie burgers and in fact I eat them often in my normal diet, but for this challenge I had to buy a different brand than I usually do. I bought Boca Vegan Burgers, and the best endorsement I can give is that they were all right. Honestly, all I could taste was the mustard and pickles I put on the sandwich. The burger itself basically tastes like nothing, which makes sense, since it’s mostly comprised of soy protein and wheat gluten, with little added spice or flavor. I also dressed up the platter with chips and salsa.

Snack Time: I went in to the office after lunch to work for a couple of hours, then headed to the gym. I felt so good before my workout that I tried to be a hero and not eat a snack first. Well, I made it through my workout, but came out starving. Like, in a light-headed not very good way. I didn’t even make it out of the locker room before wolfing down some almonds. Lesson learned.

Dinner: As soon as I got home, I walked the dog and set about making dinner. Tonight’s meal was a Mediterranean-inspired pasta with fresh diced tomato, asparagus, portobello mushroom, kalamata olives, garlic, olive oil, and spices. It smelled and tasted delicious, especially with a glass (OK, two glasses) of wine.

How I Felt: Today was my first day eating vegan and trying a normal gym workout. As I mentioned above, if I do this again tomorrow I’ll know I should eat first. I was able to make it through my workout, but the end was a bit shaky. Better to fuel up adequately. Also, it turns out that I get drunk a lot more easily on a vegan diet. Two glasses of wine puts me three sheets to the wind. That might cut down on the alcohol costs, I guess…


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