Chavalina’s Vegan Challenge–Day 5 (1/5/2012)

Breakfast: I sweetened up my standard breakfast (see Tuesday’s blog) with some raspberries today. As sharp-eyed readers might notice, I’m not a big fan of fruits, which is one of my problems with a vegan diet. Apples are fine, and I like some dried fruits, raspberries, I’ll even eat blueberries and cherries once in a while. But I’ve never liked citrus fruits, melons, peaches and the like. I think this would make me a pretty poor vegan in the long-run but, look, I ate a fruit today, so I’m trying.

Lunch: I decided to try the Simply Asia Szechwan noodle bowl that I bought as an impulse purchase. It wasn’t on my menu, but it was on sale and vegan. Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about it. It was spicy, but also very salty. The packet of “vegetables” (diced up carrots, peas, and other unidentifiable vegetable dust) wasn’t cutting it, so I added some frozen peas. The result was just so-so, but it was very filling.

Snack Time: This was a working afternoon, so I holed up in the coffee shop with a soy milk latte.

Dinner: Another pasta dish, but this one was very different than the others I have made this week. Tonight I went with a red sauce, accented with onions, bell peppers, zucchini, and roasted asparagus. It’s not quite the same without grated cheese, but it was all right. Soy ice cream for dessert. In the evening, after my workout, I also snuck in some chips and salsa.

How I Felt: As yesterday shows, I’m eating fewer calories but I’m not starving myself. My body seems to cope with the hunger better than it did on Day 1. I feel proud of myself so far, but I know there’s a big challenge ahead on Friday. I won’t give anything away, but remember how I said social events are a challenge for me? Yeah, this thing’s about to get serious tomorrow.


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