100 Miles in 2012

An actual picture of me running. Oooh.

Well, I’m very pleased to report that I exceeded 50 miles of running in the month of February and have passed 100 miles in 2012! These are very good numbers for me. I almost didn’t throw in the last run of the month yesterday because I had been feeling sore all week and didn’t want to risk strain or injury, but when I got to the gym and saw those treadmills, empty and waiting, I couldn’t stop myself. My run yesterday was slow, but it was enough. Happily, I feel much less stressed and strained today. At least I’m getting good at running on tired legs.

I’ve charted my running miles YTD for the purposes of general nerdiness, but it’s nice to visualize the progression. Other highlights from February:

  • No drinking for the entire month.
  • I only ate meat twice, both times when I was at someone else’s house for dinner.
  • I have lost 17 pounds between Christmas and the beginning of this week. My weight loss has definitely slowed down, but if I lose a pound a week then I’m happy enough.

How about some goals for March, you say? All right. Here’s where I’d like to go:

  • Another 50+ mile month, with some addition of miles over February.
  • I’d like to make my long runs longer. For the past few weeks I’ve been stuck between 5.9 and 6.2. Last week when I finished six, I felt like I couldn’t have gone farther. I’d like to break through that barrier and work up to seven or eight miles.
  • I’d like to lose another three pounds at least, which would put me under 170 for the first time in years and would mean a loss of 20 pounds since last Christmas.

I am also toying with the idea of starting a half marathon training plan and seeing where it goes. I’ll be back in upstate New York on vacation in late May/early June and there are a couple of halves in the area around that time. I’m not ready to fully commit to the idea yet, though, because the way I’ve been feeling on long runs isn’t exactly confidence-boosting. But we’ll see. Hope all my running readers have been enjoying a productive year, too!


3 thoughts on “100 Miles in 2012

  1. Congrats to you! This a awesome. I hope you do gofor the half marathons. I plan on signing up for a two this year and I barely run 6 miles a week!! keep up the great work. I tend to read you blog the night before I run, for motivation. ๐Ÿ™‚

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