California Report

Well, here’s a brief write-up and some pictures from my trip to Anaheim/San Diego last week. Unfortunately I’m still suffering from my cold and feeling a bit achy and sluggish, which means I haven’t been working out or running since I’ve been back. However, I can’t complain too much about getting ill after looking at this for a week.

San Diego skyline

The ship Lord Hornblower, on which my friend and I took a harbor cruise.

Commemorative statue and the USS Midway

2012 is the year of the water dragon, so I thought it was lucky to spot one!

I only got to run once while I was in San Diego, but I made it count with 4.1 miles along the Embarcadero along the bay. Other than that, I worked out a little at the hotel gym and did plenty of walking. I also stuck to my meat-free diet, which was not a challenge given how many seafood and veggie options were on the menu almost everywhere, but I did break my streak of not drinking. I gave myself permission to drink while I was away, knowing that I would face a lot of temptation to drink with relatives and colleagues. I mostly stuck to red wine, but I did drink a couple of margaritas one night. Long story made short, my hiatus from drinking has made me a lot more aware of what happens when I do drink. It made me feel sluggish and depressed the next day, which I guess was always true, but not drinking for nearly three months showed me that I have other options. I haven’t had a drink since I got home to Tucson, and I hope to keep it that way for a while! Now, if I can just kick the cold and get running again…


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