A Bad Date and a Decent Hike

Yesterday I had a lousy date, but a decent hike. Bachelor A. is someone I’d been out with once before, but it seemed we were in that awful space where we had a good rapport online but no chemistry in person. I wanted to give him another chance because we seemed compatible, had common interests, and he generally seemed like a nice guy, but the cracks were showing. It took us a long time to plan this second date, both because I was in California for a week and because his repeated attempts to get me to agree to a second date at his place–which I made it clear I was not comfortable with–rubbed me the wrong way.

We eventually settled on a hike, but we had to go earlier than I would have liked and I just ended up tired, annoyed, and wondering why I was spending time with this guy who kept peppering me with questions the entire two or so miles we walked. It didn’t help that he showed up in a sweater, jeans, and wearing 10 tons of cologne. Did he think we were going to brunch? Ugh. Rarely do I feel like I’ve ever been a “bad date,” but yesterday around 8AM I just didn’t care about being fake nice to a guy who, two minutes into the date, I had decided I never intended to see again. In fact, I was such a bad date that after our two-mile hike I returned to the parking lot, said my good-byes to him, and then went out hiking again on my own. Ah, well. At least I brought back some pictures. I also saw a cardinal, quail, hummingbirds, and some other fun desert creatures.


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