Vegetarians Eat Junk, Too.

Cruelty free, if you don't include what you're doing to yourself!

Not much to report lately. This has been a really work-intense week, which means I’ve been on the run a lot and partaking of lots of fast meals and junk food. In the interest of confession, here’s a brief summary of my consumption over the past few days:

  • Tuesday: Was exhausted after class, had half a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese for dinner.
  • Wednesday: Chowed down on greasy veggie pizza at a student government event.
  • Thursday: Another student government event at lunch; this time I had a veggie burger paired with cookies and lots of potato chips.
  • Friday: I had to teach and attend two campus events back-to-back, which meant that “lunch” was overpriced Pinkberry frozen yogurt with brownie bites and “dinner” was as many vegetarian-friendly appetizers as I could pack on a plate at the awards reception I attended. Cheese and ranch dip were plentiful.
  • Saturday: Had a cinnamon bun for breakfast and a late lunch/early dinner with a date consisting of a portobello mushroom sandwich with cheese and a side of fries.

This has all got me feeling run-down, though that could be from the frantic schedule as much as the terrible food. If anyone ever tells you grad students are “half-time” workers, don’t you believe them. What’s strange, though, is that I did have a good week of running. I did a 9:38 mile yesterday on my run, and ran just over 11 miles total this week. Let’s see what I can do next week, when I cut out some of the greasy, fried, and fat foods. Any tips out there for how to eat healthy on the run?


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