Here’s a list of things I’m disappointed about, in no particular order:

  • I’m disappointed that I can’t seem to extend my long run beyond 5 miles since my injury in February. I’m faster than I used to be, but I hate that I’m still sore in my hamstrings and having IT band soreness after every run.
  • I’m disappointed that my weight loss has leveled off.
  • I’m disappointed that TPTB in my department at Mediocre State University choose to chastise me and make me feel bad about not reaching goals they haven’t given me the means to accomplish.
  • I’m disappointed that I’m not over the last guy I dated. That I still let him get inside my head and that I can’t get excited about any of the new guys I’ve met.
  • I’m disappointed that another birthday is approaching, bringing with it another visit home to see friends with new marriages, new babies… and I feel like my life in the last 12 months has gone exactly nowhere.


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