A Personal Best and A New Recipe

Yesterday I had an unscheduled rest day when I got to the gym and the pool was closed “until further notice.” What? So much for the world-class athletic facility… maybe a higher power is trying to tell me that I’m not cut out for swimming?

The upside to this is that I got to run this morning on fresh legs after an extra day’s rest, and what a run it was. I shocked myself by running my fastest mile of the year, 9:17, even faster than what I was running in New York. Not only that, but here were my splits for the first 5K of a 3.4 mile run:

Mile 1–9:17

Mile 2–9:24

Mile 3–9:32


Martha’s, unsurprisingly, looks better than mine.

That amounts to a 29:13 5K, a personal best for me. Sometimes things just come together. I rewarded myself for my hard work with a chocolate-cinnamon gelato this afternoon and an Indian feast for dinner. I had garlic naan with punjab eggplant from Trader Joe’s and Creamy Spinach Curry, an Indian-inspired dish I got from Martha Stewart’s site via my friend over at She Runs, She Eats. The dish was good, but I feel like it’s missing something seasoning-wise. Maybe I’ll experiment with this one… I have plenty of leftovers! Hopefully all that iron and protein will help my muscles recover. A super-fast training run is great, but my easy run tomorrow may hurt!

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