Being a Running Nerd

It’s been a somewhat boring couple of days here in Chavalina-land, and I haven’t really been in the mood to do work all week. On Tuesday, I had a surprisingly good run managing a 9:50 pace doing 3.5 miles on a somewhat hilly route. I even banged out a 9:25 on a net-uphill first mile. That’s the good news. The bad news: My Garmin Forerunner 210 was flashing “low battery” most of the way. When I downloaded my run info and went to stick it on the charger, it made a bizarre beep and flicked off, never again to turn on. Say what??? Since the device is a whopping four and a half months old, it is still well within the warranty period. The nice guys at Garmin customer service have promised me a new (read: refurbished) Garmin in 10-14 days, but in the meantime that means some untimed miles and $7.00 out of my pocket in shipping costs. Amazing how attached to this thing I’ve become in a relatively short time, but I will say that wearing it does help me with my pacing and motivates me to run faster than I would otherwise.

In the meantime, I’ve been amusing myself by reading Hal Higdon’s Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide. I’ve had an older edition of this book that was given to me as a gift for a long time and only read bits and pieces of it. Reading it cover to cover, I give it high marks though I’m only about halfway through. I’ve followed Higdon’s 10K and Half Marathon training programs in the past with much success, and it’s nice to hear him elaborate in detail on how his training plans are developed. My old version of the book focuses exclusively on the marathon, but I see the new edition covers half marathons as well (and boasts 25% new material!). Higdon’s writing is very readable and structured so that it can be read all the way through or in isolated chapters as runners move up in skill or want to cover topics like long runs, nutrition, etc. If you’re like me and have spent years trolling the Internet for training tips and reading Runner’s World there may not be a whole lot here that is new to you… but at least it’s all in one place and it really gets me in the mood to run. So is there a full marathon in my future? Maybe someday. Never say never!


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