Swim, Run, Eat, Repeat

This is the point in the summer at which one might ask, “where did the summer go?” Except I know perfectly well that I’ve done a lot of stuff these past couple of months! Here’s what I’m up to this week:

Swim: Though I haven’t said much about it lately, I’m continuing with the learn to swim 500 yards program that I started a few weeks ago. Honestly, it’s hard to fit in three swim workouts a week when I’m also trying to run four days a week and doing yoga a couple times a week. If you do the math on that, you can tell that I’m doubling up some days, which gets tiring. I did reach the halfway point in the program yesterday, though. Swimming 300 yards at night was rough, but also cool. And when I realized I swam the length of three football fields, it occurred to me that either: a) I am a badass or b) football is way too easy and should be played underwater. Maybe if they did, some of those guys wouldn’t be so pudgy. Just saying.

Run: I’m trying to cut back a bit on the running this week. I’m still going to try for 14 or 15 miles, but not pushing myself as much on the speed… or on waking up at 5:00AM. Temps have gotten hot again here in Tucson, and the postal service “accidentally” returned my new Garmin to sender after trying to deliver it to the wrong house (don’t get me started on USPS today, please), so maybe the universe is telling me to back off a bit.

Eat: Summer has been a time for trying to up my game in the kitchen. Since I haven’t been eating out as much, I’ve realized that my repertoire of vegetarian recipes is a bit limited. My latest new recipe attempt is this Ethiopian Chickpea Wat recipe that I made last night. I spent about $20 just on the spices to round this recipe out, but it was quite delicious and filling. Cardamom really adds the Ethiopian flavor, and nobody doesn’t like potatoes. This would be even more delicious on a winter’s day, but it helped me fuel up for a workout last night, too.


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