Toward a 20-Mile Week

It’s been a while since I made a real running post, but I had a great run this morning. Lately, I’ve been saving Fridays for an easy, slow 3-miler–my shortest run of the week. I’ve normally been doing this on a treadmill at paces of over 10:30/mile, but today I decided to get outside. Even with really tired legs, I managed a 9:42 pace and finished out the week with 19.1 miles. This run also put me over 400 miles for the year! Icing on the cake was when I saw a friend on the way home who hasn’t seen me in months. She yelled, “you’re so tiny!” and squeezed my face.


So will next week be my first 20-mile week this year (and, really, my first in several years)? It’s going to be tough. Next week I also start my volunteer coaching position, I have to teach, and I’m traveling to a conference Thursday through Sunday. But as they say, there’s someone busier than you running right now. Less excuses, more miles!


One thought on “Toward a 20-Mile Week

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