20 Miles and August in Review

Well, I met my goal of 20 miles for this week, clocking in a total of 20.3. I’m especially impressed about the 5K I ran yesterday, managing a 9:47 pace even on tired (really tired) legs. My travel plans for this weekend were cancelled thanks to Hurricane Isaac, so I’m going to try and make myself rest and cut back the mileage this coming week. I could tell by how exhausted I was yesterday that I pushed myself to some kind of limit, and I want to avoid any future injuries so I can keep moving forward.

78.9 miles in August, 421.2 YTD… can I get 80 in September?


The other thing is that all this running has got me considering registration for a fall half marathon. You may remember that I signed up for the Tinkerbell Half a while ago, and I am very excited to go to Disneyland for that early next year… But what’s keeping me motivated in the meantime? Coincidentally, the organizers of the Temecula Valley Half Marathon sent out an e-mail yesterday with discount codes for two October races, one in the Phoenix area and another in Laughlin, NV. Should I go for it? Choices, choices…


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