In Which I Register for a Race

Man, how did life get a lot less interesting and a lot more hectic at the same time? This is a “rest week” for me running-wise (meaning I’m only going to run 15 or 16 miles), which is fine because I have a lot of other things to keep me busy. There are meetings at work, job applications to go out, a dissertation to be written, and my car appears to be angry at me for no reason as well. Sigh.

In a vast delusion of grandeur (and with some extra prodding in the form of a discount code) I registered this week for the Arizona Half Marathon which, conveniently, is in less than one month. What was I thinking? Well, I’m still signed up for the Tinkerbell Half in January but I felt like with all the miles I’ve been putting in, I need a more proximate goal. I’m also hoping that I can get a new PR in this race, which will allow me to put less pressure on myself for the January run. I keep hearing that the TInkerbell half is the kind of race you want to enjoy, get lots of pictures at, etc., so I may not want to go all-out at Disney. This October race is also organized by the same people who do the Temecula Valley Half Marathon and 5K that I ran in January, so it’s a nice way to come full-circle for the year. If I can manage the times I’ve been clocking in my long runs so far, my old PR will fall for sure. But, of course, the moment I put money down for this my body became rebellious. Can I find the will to keep the miles coming for the next month? Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “In Which I Register for a Race

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