September in Review

It’s been a while since I posted about running, but September was a shockingly good month for me. My goal had been to get in 80 miles and in fact I completed… (drum roll) 90.3!


I got a little boost here from September being a month with five Sundays, which means I got an extra long run. Yesterday’s 9-miler helped bring me up to 90, but even without it I would have met my goal. I also got some quality runs in: Two sub-9 miles last Tuesday gave me a new 5K personal best at 27:59, and yesterday’s long run was at a 10:02 pace. I also hit my longest run of the year so far at 12.1 miles just over a week ago. Hopefully, though, I’ll get a new 2012 distance best this weekend when I do my half marathon! I’m very excited for Saturday. Tapering tends to make me nervous, but I’ve got so much going on right now between school, volunteering, and applying for jobs that it’s not as if I’ll be sitting around bored this week. More to come on my race goals later in the coming days!


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