“Fun” with Fives

I hate five-mile runs. I don’t know why. Maybe because:

  • They are just long enough to seem quite tedious on the treadmill
  • They push the limit of how far I can run and still be relatively speedy
  • There is no good loop in my neighborhood that I can run which is exactly five miles

So, in the name of forcing myself to do things I don’t like, I decided to make this a week of fives. Normally I try to do one five miler mid-week, and I go to great lengths to avoid it by running, say, two 4.5 mile runs instead of a 4 and a 5. Yes, it’s crazy. But so am I. This week, though, my walking 5K on Sunday put me behind on weekly miles and I got the idea to try doing four five milers back-to-back. Today was my third run, and it’s actually been going better than expected… aside from some slight malfunctioning with my Garmin. Again.

Slightly old picture of Old Main on the University campus

I did my first run South from my house to the University of Arizona campus and back, but I had to tack on an extra block at the end to bring it to 5 miles. My second run, yesterday, was North to the Rillito River Path, where I normally do my long runs. Today I went to campus again on a slightly longer loop and got to five miles just as I was reaching home. Tomorrow I am debating whether I want to run outside in the morning, go later on the treadmill, or drive myself to a park or somewhere exciting. The weather in Tucson on Monday and Tuesday was great; I was able to run mid-day on those days, but temperatures are creeping up again now. Overall, I can’t say that running fives will ever be my favorite thing, but for this week it’s been quite manageable and a useful distraction from chaos that’s swirling around. More on that later, I’m sure.


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