Random Running Thoughts

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I promised to get back to posting about running soon so here it is. November was lighter on miles than the last few months, coming in at just under 70, but considering that I twisted my ankletwice, that I had an unexpected visitor for the last two weeks of the month, and that I made a whirlwind road trip (pictures forthcoming!), it wasn’t bad overall. I got in some hiking miles too while the weather was good, and it’s still sunny and in the 70s here in Tucson for a few more days. Yeah, be jealous.

I’ve already exceeded my milage goal for the year so anything I do in December is a bonus, but ultimately I would like to maintain 20 miles/week on average this month with no further injuries. I need to get serious about training for the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon in January, though the 9-miler I did this past Sunday was a big confidence booster. Maybe one more race before the year is out? Who knows. It’s also time to start considering 2013 goals. Is it time to start training for a full marathon? Should I sign up for a spring half with my friends instead? Or do I need to spend less time thinking about running and more time working on my dissertation? (Spoiler alert: Yes.)

…All this and more, plus pictures of Northern Arizona coming soon!


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