10.4 Miles and a Running Date

Well, with all this time on my hands lately I’ve been getting back up to speed on my running–literally and figuratively. On Friday night I had a great 10.4-mile run at Reid Park. The only downside to this run is that my Garmin quit just over 8 miles in. Turns out you have to charge it even if you don’t use it for a while. Blah. At any rate, I know the distance well enough to be sure of how far I went, but I’m not quite sure how fast. I think (hope) I was holding a sub-10 pace despite a couple of walk breaks after my Garmin quit.

A lovely picture of the path at Reid Park, which I’ve stolen from http://tucsonliving.blogspot.com.

Today I went back to the park for a shorter run with a date. Yes, indeed. I had my first date since roughly May, and it was not bad at all. That’s all I’ll say for now… but maybe something to blog more about in the future.

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