OK, still busy catching up on work, running, and prepping for next week’s trip to California. 2013 has been nonstop so far! But here’s a brief overview of my visit to Tombstone earlier this week with my friend. Overall, Tombstone is a fun place to visit for a day trip if you are interested in getting a Western experience or if you are familiar with the Old West legends. This was my second time there, and a four-year break between visits was about right. The biggest issue that I have with Tombstone is that it can get expensive in a hurry… It’s free to walk around, but every museum (of which there are several) will charge between $3-$10 to get in, and it’s not always worth it. The restaurants are slightly overpriced and underwhelming, too. On this visit, we went to Helldorado Town, which offered a package deal on a trolley ride and comedy mock gun battle. That was worth the price of admission ($10), and the courthouse museum (run by the AZ Parks Service) is a comprehensive orientation for about $5. I recommend skipping the shabby and overpriced museum at the Birdcage Theater ($10) and the “authentic” (but not really authentic) OK Corral gunfight ($10), unless you are really into the history (in which case, though, you’d realize that the gun battle didn’t really take place at the OK Corral itself).

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