Potstickers and a Busy Life

Well, if I haven’t been posting it’s because I’ve been insanely busy this week… but not necessarily in a bad way. Things on a number of fronts are starting to come together, but more on that later.

In busy times, it’s hard to keep up with cooking and exercise. I’ve had my share of “comfort food” meals recently (I think I had cheese pizza for lunch or dinner no less than four times this week), and since my knee is still bruised I’ve been taking it easier on running, too. One thing I recently discovered, though, is that potstickers or gyoza make a quick and easy meal. If you haven’t made them before, it’s totally easy. I got a package of wonton skins at the local Chinese grocery for under $2 and took my cues from this basic recipe. At the behest of reviewers, though, I chose not to pre-cook my mushroom filling and they turned out fine. Another recommendation is to cook them with vegetable stock instead of water for a richer flavor.

Filled potstickers, waiting to be cooked.

Filled potstickers, waiting to be cooked.

photo 2

Post-cooking, drizzled with a rice wine vinegar/soy sauce combo

This recipe has given me a few good, quick meals in the past couple of weeks. Also, be on the look out for these almond cookies if you have a Chinese store near you. My Chinese aunt bought them for me in California and they are quite good! Chinese new year is just around the corner… Perhaps I’ll make some more new recipes soon to celebrate.

photo 3


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