Doc Martin

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 8.15.42 AMDoes anyone else watch this Doc Martin show? It’s a British TV series that’s being broadcast stateside on PBS. To be honest, I’m not very fond of it but I watch it because my parents love it and whenever it’s on it makes me think of them.

Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) is the central character, a London surgeon who gets sent down to backwater resort town Portwenn as a general practitioner. There he is surrounded by a zany cast of characters who are constantly bringing him new and ridiculous cases. It’s a little like a British version of House, but I’m not sure why I can’t get into it. Mostly, I think it’s that Dr. Ellingham is just such an unpleasant and, in later seasons, barely functional human being that it’s hard to believe anyone–especially his long-suffering love Louisa–would put up with him. Also, though, the antics of the quirky townspeople just get repetitive after a while. I suppose in the UK where you get short seasons and then a long hiatus you may not notice these things. But I get back-to-back episodes on KUAT every Thursday. Then again, just tonight they started rebroadcasting the series from the beginning and I have to say I like the early episodes a little more. They make many of the characters seem more human and less incompetent.

One thought on “Doc Martin

  1. I have watched the series and I have to be honest…in real life what woman would find Doc Martin attractive? Okay, he’s a doctor, he is also cold, blunt, and he can’t read a romantic nudge to save a patient’s life. The plot between Louisa and Doc Martin relies on the premise that women see the real man within, despite cold personality, bluntness, etc.., You watch the show and turn off your brain. That’s how you enjoy the series. In real life Doc Martin has bad breath, keeps you waiting, and never returns your calls.

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