The Year of the Snake

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! This is the year of the snake, and according to Chinese astrology snake years can be volatile–full of unexpected events and opportunities. I’ve never considered myself a superstitious person, but the year of the dragon brought me great things after I followed some good luck tips, so why not try again?

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 11.24.52 AM


One of the things you can do to ensure good luck in the new year is to prepare a meal that will please the new year’s governing animal. Last year, my friends and I had sushi because the water dragon likes seafood. This year, I was told that the snake likes eggs. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to make tea eggs. My Chinese aunt told me about them when I was in California and I was intrigued. Here’s how mine turned out, I love the patterns on the egg and shell after they have soaked overnight:

photo 1photo 2

This recipe also made my house smell delicious, like licorice and cinnamon. As to the flavor of the eggs themselves, I thought they were pretty subtle. I actually went lighter on some of the ingredients than I should have because I wasn’t sure how strong they would taste. If I make it again, though, I’ll follow the directions more closely. With this batch I got a hint of sweetness and spice especially in the yolks, but otherwise it tasted like a normal hard boiled egg. They did make a good breakfast with toast and honey, though.


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