Spring Break, in Review

Well, the end of Spring Break is here and it’s appropriately gloomy where I am. It’s been raining for hours with a forecast high today of only 52 degrees. If I had any hope of getting in one last hike or a trail run, it seems it’s not going to happen now.

In all, I had a good break. I hiked about 16 miles over the last week and change, and ran just over 11. My pulled hamstring is still a bit tender, but I hope I’ll be back up to full sped soon. I also had a nice day trip to Tubac, saw a spring training game here in Tucson, and was even able to get quite a bit of work done. If I get myself motivated and out of bed, I’ll also be going to brunch later today.

Spring Break always comes not a moment too soon. I haven’t actually had a real Spring Break trip in three years, but I consider it my first peek at what summer will be like, when I no longer have stacks of grading and classes to teach, and when I can sit at home and focus on my dissertation. I’m eager to be done with grad school a lot of the time. While I’m very proud of how active I’ve been in 2012, my weight loss, and the willpower I’ve shown in sticking to a diet and not drinking, I do struggle to stick with these changes and to be social at the same time. I just feel old sometimes, and when I’m out with friends who are all several years younger than me, eating bar food and getting drunk and horsing around while I play the wallflower, that feeling is heightened. I mean, what do people, especially single people, do to be social and meet other singles when they’re in their early 30s and don’t want to hang out at bars? I spent all day yesterday following Facebook check-ins of friends at Irish bars all over the country (and the world). I had zero desire to join in the fun. I guess that’s good in some ways… but there’s a fine line between good sense and being a wet blanket, right?